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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Use Social Media Productively

Yes, you could spend hours on Facebook looking at pictures of cute kittens.  Alternatively, you could harness the power of social media to build your brand and get your business in front of people who share a need for or interest in your product.  If you want to do the latter, I recommend Jason McDonald as a teacher.

I was recently sent a draft chapter from a book Dr. McDonald is writing (Social Media Marketing Workbook) and learned things I didn't know about Facebook.  I was an early adult adopter of Facebook, trying to stay in touch with college kids, but still have a lot to learn about searching and about the algorithms used to rank Facebook pages and posts.  McDonald is able to teach me.

Learn to create a profile and then a page for your business or organization.  Then learn to strategically post after first looking round to see how your market interacts on social media.  One key is to be social--not just "buy my stuff" but building relationships through sharing interesting quotes, pictures, and stories.  Relationships are key to long-lasting business success.

Contact Jason McDonald and get on his mailing list for more information about training in SEO and social media use.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Caleb: Mighty Man of Faith and Action

I have always appreciated the stories of Joshua and Caleb--the 2 spies who wanted to obey God and take the promised land after 10 other spies said it was too hard.  After the 40 years in the wilderness, only Joshua and Caleb were left of those original 12 spies.  And old man Caleb was ready to conquer!

Cliff Graham uses his experiences as a soldier, writer, and theologian to weave a fictional account that honors historical and Biblical accuracy.  If you enjoyed his Lion of War series, you will enjoy Shadow of the Mountain.

I received a free review copy from Bethany House for my honest opinion of the novel.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Powerful Tool for Better Writing


As a writer, do you ever agonize over a word choice? Does your proofreading turn up the same word over and over? Do you resist using an awkward thesaurus?

Jesse Gilbert understands your struggle and offers a high-speed alternative to an online thesaurus.  Brainstorm Pro allows you to search for up to ten words at once and often returns results in just a second.  Speed does not compromise quality, however, as Brainstorm Pro offers up to 20 times the word choices of a typical thesaurus.

If you sometimes work in languages other than English, this software is for you as well.  Spanish, Italian, and French have been tested and many more languages are supported, from Afrikaans to Zulu.  You can even "translate" among the various flavors of English--handy if you are a United States writer who sometimes writes for Canadian, Australian, or British clients.

Try out this software and see how your writing improves.  Teachers, copywriters, translators, and students can all benefit from an outstanding thesaurus with Brainstorm Pro.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

DVD Giveaway: Did the Exodus Happen as The Bible Says?

Those who know me know my answer to that question is "Yes, of course."  I believe God's Word.  I am not an authority on ancient Egyptian history or archaeology, however. I'm just somebody who believes, as an engineer and as a Christian, that Truth always prevails, eventually, simply because it is true.

But what if there were more worldly and learned folk who uncovered evidence that any conflicts between the historical timeline and the Biblical timeline are problems on man's end and not on God's?  Patterns of Evidence chronicles one filmmaker's journey to ancient lands and his conversations with scholars of other faiths and of no faith.  Timothy Mahoney wanted to see the evidence and separate tradition from history.

This film includes appearances by Shimon Peres and Benjamin Netanjahu, as well as scholars from around the world.  Timeline animation helps the viewer see just what the scholars are talking about.

Not only do I recommend this DVD for your family viewing and for church libraries, I am offering a Free DVD Giveaway.  Comment on this blog post and you are entered for a drawing to be held August 11.  You may also purchase a copy at the official Patterns of Evidence website.

Friday, July 17, 2015

From Farmer to Hunter: Here's How

The big business ideas of the world come from a group of people Gutsche calls Hunters.  Most people are Farmers--not in the agricultural sense, but in mindset.  Here is a brief outline of the 3 Farmer traps and the contrasting Hunter instincts:

  1. Complacency Trap: Farmers want stable job security--which hardly exists in the 21st century.  The Hunter instinct that counters this trap is insatiability.  Hunters are always looking for the next meal, taking nothing for granted.
  2. Repetition Trap: Farmers value duty and responsibility.  Hunters, while they shouldn't be irresponsible, are curious and will rebel/innovate when it seems advantageous.
  3. Protectiveness Trap: Farmers erect fences (physical, organizational, or psychological) to protect the status quo.  The Hunter instinct is a willingness to destroy--to question the status quo and adapt to new conditions.

There is much more to this book, but you will need to read it for yourself.

I received a free review copy through Blogging for Books.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Next Book I'm Reading--For Free

I will be sure to leave a review here once I finish the book. I just downloaded it.  If you don't have a Kindle or Nook or Kobo reader, you are missing the fun and convenience of downloading more free books than you can ever read in a lifetime.  You can download your own copy by clicking the banner below.

Review: The e-booklet is the plan Jon Olsen used to work his way out of a pizza job and into a full-time career as an internet entrepreneur.  He spent a small amount for advertising each month and tells exactly which programs he used (or would have used--he updated the book to include new programs that didn't exist when he began.)

It's free and it's quick to read, so even if you only use one idea you will come out ahead for a small investment of time.

Monday, July 13, 2015

My +1 Journey Begins

I enjoyed reading Jon's simple formula for success: just do one more thing every day.  Seems simple enough, right?  Here are examples of the +1s I have done so far:

  • Add a photo to one of my splash pages.  A splash page is a quick-loading ad that gets attention and leads the reader to more detailed information. Many programs supply splash pages, but adding a photo lets people know they are being asked to do business with or read an article by a real person--not an emoticon or a kitten or a cartoon.
  • Send personalized tweets about the free +1 book as well as one of my own books.
  • Send an email offering to teach a class at a co-op. (BINGO!)
  • Clean out one more overstuffed idea file.
None of these things took more than a few minutes, but any one of them could set in motion something much bigger--a sale, a downline member, an idea for a great new story.....

The journey continues.  There is always one more thing you can do (Col. Hal Moore in We Were Soldiers...)