Thursday, September 24, 2015

Gray Zone: YA Novel with Important Themes

Gray Zone by Veronica R. Tabares is an excellent addition to any YA book collection.  This novel is a compelling, well-written story about high school students.It also incorporates important concerns of modern teens: bullying via social media.

Autumn, the main character, has a supportive family that helps her survive bullying so severe she had to change schools.  Some of her classmates at her new school were not so fortunate--or they never gave their parents a chance to help them.  This story has victims and survivors, as well as  one who decides to be a champion/defender.

Many teens will identify with one or more characters in Gray Zone.  Parents or teachers can use a discussion of this book to teach teens how to ask for help when needed.  I would recommend parents read this book along with their teens, since suicide is one element of the story. My family has often read together, a practice that continues as I discuss books with my grown children and we recommend books to one another!

I received a free review copy of this book and offer my endorsement as a librarian and as a mother of six.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Are You a Prankster? Try Glitter Bombs

While I'm not a prankster myself (not often, at least) I can recognize an interesting idea when I see one. GlitterBombd specializes in sparkly pranks for special people in your life.  Choose from a variety of designs, all combined with glitter and mailed to your favorite (or least favorite) person.  Political, celebrity, and cartoon designs are some of your choices.

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 A portion of  GlitterBombd proceeds go to Wounded Warrior Project.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Math Comic Books? Yes!

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So often parents and teachers try to make up ways to make math meaningful and fail.  This is too bad, because we live in a world full of math and that world is exciting and interesting to explore!  Yamie Chess' math comics are a place where math concepts meet the time-tested, ever popular game of chess.  Kids love games, games involve math concepts--everyone wins.

School Library Journal and a host of math education professionals endorse Yamie Chess' math comics.  The cartoon adventures merge reading with algebra, geometry, and other number skills for elementary grades through middle school.  Develop thinking skills and show students that reading and math can go together.

Fight Common Core confusion with real math from STEM professionals.  Fight boredom with engaging adventure stories.  Introduce children to chess as well--a worthy pursuit that may be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Everyone wins with Yamie Chess comics.