Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Jihad Explained

A review of Jesus, Jihad and Peace by Michael Youssef:

The idea of forced conversion is hard for Christians to grasp.  After all, Jesus told us His kingdom was not of this world.  Jesus also asked people to follow Him, but compelled no one.  Therefore, Christians need Michael Youssef to explain to us that Islam is not only a religion--it is a complete political and economic system hell-bent on global conquest.

As much as Americans especially would love to deny the truth and embrace peace, they must know who is coming after them.  This book is especially important in light of escalating attacks on Christian minorities by ISIS.  The author covers theology (Allah vs. Jehovah) and eschatology (who is the Mahdi?) as well as political divisions within Islam, e.g. Sunni and Shiite.  The global caliphate is explained along with many passages of the Koran.

Youssef does not leave us in despair, however.  The last chapter offers "God's Peace Plan" which is available to all who will accept it.

I received a free review copy of this book from Worthy Publishing.