Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fierce Beauty: Recommended Reading for Women

In a world where advertisers are encouraging girls to aspire to be Disney Princesses and supermodels, Kim Meeder steps in with a reality check for Christian women.  In Fierce Beauty she paints a picture of a woman, surrounded by enemies who would destroy her, facing a choice:  the crown of a princess or the sword of a warrior.  When she takes up the sword instead of the crown, she finds that the warrior is more beautiful than the princess—fiercely beautiful.

Meeder presents this material in three sections: The Problem, The King and The Warrior.  Each concept is illustrated by compelling stories from Meeder's adventurous life.  Tragically orphaned at a young age, she found that Jesus was able to bring her through adversity. 

Many of the stories come from her work at Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch, a place where she and her husband rescue abused horses and work with troubled children.  You will be touched by the story of the horse that suffered unspeakable physical pain, yet survived to be a witness of hope to children who ride him.  You will weep over the beautiful girl who gave her best, was tried by fire and received her gift back again.  Learn how the smile of one girl saved the life of a teen was minutes away from walking out of school and committing suicide.

There are many ugly things that happened to the people and animals in these stories. God took what was meant for evil and made good things happen, again and again.  In each story, Meeder gives us a picture of how we behave and how God reacts.  She encourages us to put aside the crown we believe is so beautiful, take up the sword to fight for truth and encourage others, and look forward to the day we receive an incorruptible crown.

This book includes discussion questions for each of the three sections and would be a suitable study for a women's group or for high school girls.  Because some of the stories involve violence and cruelty to animals, I would not recommend it for younger girls unless they are studying with their mothers or guardians.

You can buy this book from Lifeway.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.