Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another Book Review: Angels are for Real

Review: Angels are for Real by Judith MacNutt

This book, with its endnotes and references, would be good for launching an independent study about angels: Are they real? What do they do? What does the Bible say?
Good:  The author shares heartwarming, reassuring stories of believers being ushered into heaven by angels, preachers and missionaries protected by angels, and people experiencing miraculous healing or deliverance from imminent danger.   Especially interesting are eyewitness accounts from the Yom Kippur War in which thousands of "Israeli soldiers" were seen on Israel's borders and stayed there until the real solders were able to arrive with their arms.  The surprise attack by Israel's enemies on their highest holy day did not surprise the God who made a covenant with Abraham!

The anecdotes are combined with scripture references to angels: seraphim, cherubim, fallen angels and other messengers.  Quotes from early church fathers are included as well.  MacNutt also quotes from the apocryphal books, but not nearly as much as she quotes from scripture.  References are provided so you can do further research as you wish.
Of possible concern to some readers is MacNutt's charismatic perspective.  You may not agree with everything in this book.  Of course, what is the point of only reading books that agree with you and never present you with any questions or challenges?  The combination of stories, scripture and scholarly research means this book offers something to everyone.

All in all, this is a well-written and well-researched book.  The author studied from Genesis to Thomas Aquinas to Billy Graham.  She gives anecdotes form Catholics, evangelicals and charismatics of all ages.  I am more confident than ever that God has His hand all around us—His Spirit, His Word and His angelic servants.
I received a free copy of this from Chosen Books for review.