Monday, July 2, 2012

Book Review for Independence Day Reading: Fearless by Eric Blehm

Fearless is more than just another book about the Navy SEALs.  It is the story of one man's journey from deep despair to peace with God, from failure to elite warrior.  Adam Brown's story is the timeless story of the prodigal son.  This is a book for fans of military literature as well as families seeking hope for their own prodigals.  Detailed accounts of SEAL training can be found in a number of books, but Fearless is the story of a SEAL, a husband, a father, and a friend.

Eric Blehm masterfully weaves Adam's personal story with the story of his life as a SEAL.  Blehm was careful to get details from the lips of Adam's childhood friends in Arkansas, his family, and those with whom he trained and fought.  The timing of the book was providential; many who told their stories to the author were killed on August 6, 2011, when their helicopter was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade.

From football standout to drug addict, from recovery through boot camp and BUD/S, you will find yourself rejoicing in Adam's growing faith and marveling at the love displayed by his wife and parents.  This honest account includes his stumbles as well as his triumphs, since Adam wanted his story known in its entirety as a testimony to the power and sufficiency of the grace of God.

I received a free copy of this book from WaterBrook-Multnomah Publishers for review.  Read the first chapter for yourself right now.