Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Great Stories Relate to the Greatest Story

A Book Review of  "Finding God in The Hobbit" by Jim Ware

Though "The Hobbit" is not an allegory, it is a great story.  Great stories are great because they reflect in some ways our own stories.  "The Hobbit" is about journeys, friendships, and the struggle against evil.  We love or despise the characters because they tell us things about our own souls.

In "Finding God in 'The Hobbit'" Jim Ware brings his knowledge of theology and literature together in an exploration of Tolkein's classic children's tale: a tale that came to be beloved by readers of all ages.  In each chapterhe shares a story from the book and relates it to our own life journeys.  As Ware says, "God meets us…in that miraculous place where the Word becomes Flesh; the place where we…find ourselves swept up into the plot of the greatest Story of all." (p.166)

This quality hardcover book would make a thoughtful gift for anyone who loves English literature or Tolkein's work in particular.  Its small size (about 8 x 5 inches) makes for convenient reading, too.

I received a free review copy of this book from Tyndale Publishers.