Thursday, October 24, 2013

Look Honestly at Evangelism: From an Atheist's Perspective

While some people experience dramatic conversion experiences after a single presentation of the gospel, many do not.  All people are on a journey, and we Christians need evangelism strategies that meet people at various points along their journeys.  More than strategies, however, we need relationships.  Jim (currently a pastor) and Matt (currently an atheist) give us a picture of what such a relationship can look like in Saving Casper.

I cringed as Matt Casper related some of his experiences with those seeking to reach him with the gospel.  Many of them seemed all too eager to tell him he was going to hell, while few bothered to see Matt as a human being much like themselves.  Respect seems to be the missing ingredient in many evangelism efforts. 

When I consider how Jesus approached people, as recorded in the Bible, I don’t see Him hitting people and telling them all about the hell for which they were bound.  Yes, He taught about hell; but when we see Him with individuals, we see how He saw them as unique people.  He cared about their families, their sorrows, their illnesses--and their eternal souls.  We should follow his example.  Matt Casper points out how confusing it is for someone on the outside to look at Christians and not see them doing what even he, an atheist, knows Jesus told them to do.

Please read and share Saving Casper.  Then build some relationships with people of all beliefs.  Respect them, learn about them, and let them see Jesus in you.

I received a free review copy of this book from Tyndale Publishers.