Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Different Paths to Faith: Which Did You Take?

Confident Faith by Mark Mittelberg is the first book I’ve read to address the fact that there are different approaches to making faith decisions.  Mark presents six different “faith paths” that people might take and gives us the pros and cons of each path.  Once we recognize the path we took, we can fill in the gaps in our faith foundation and live out a more confident faith.

It is also helpful for evangelism if we understand what path somebody else is currently on.  These paths are: Relativistic, Traditional, Authoritarian, Intuitive, Mystical, and Evidential.  Mittelberg gives true examples of people who took each path.  He also provides tools (twenty arrows of truth) to address the shortcomings of each path.  Finally, he addresses ten barriers to belief.

This is a good resource for all people who want to be more confident in living and sharing their Christian faith.

I received a free review copy of Confident Faith from Tyndale House Publishers.