Friday, January 23, 2015

A WWII Veteran's Story

A Review of Something from Eddie by Pam Baker

Eddie Livingston entered the army at the age of fifteen,  He was a paratrooper, POW, and PTSD survivor.  His service in Europe during the war earned him many medals--and a lifelong fight with the Veterans" Administration.

Those of us who prefer our history from primary sources will appreciate that the bulk of this book is taken from letters typewritten by Eddie and sent to newspapers, bureaucrats, and even to United States presidents. Photographs of many actual letters are included, along with heartbreaking pictures of the living conditions Eddie endured as he fought his PTSD and his own government.

Despite his own scars and troubles, Eddie also took time to advocate for others.  He was concerned for fellow veterans, civil rights in his home state of Alabama and across the nation, and a variety of other issues.
We are fortunate that he left such a written record of his life and of the times in which he lived.In light of recent news about some VA hospitals, this book is both contemporary and historical.

I received a free copy of Something from Eddie from the author for my honest review.