Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Irish Legend Comes to Life

The Black Swans is available in paperback or Kindle format.

What if the old Irish stories were history, not merely legend?  The Black Swans are a Celtic band of three brothers and a sister.  Nola, Hugh, Finn, and Conn travel with their manager, Owen.  They live on the road, playing traditional music every night--but only at night.  They get a break from the road when they book a summer-long gig at a pub in a small town in Maine, a place where many descendants of Irish immigrants live.

When Conn, youngest and most introverted in the band, meets Taisie, a clerk in the town's knitting shop, life starts to change for everyone.   This is a delightful, page-turning story.  I recommend it for lovers of knitting, legends, music, or anything Irish!  This is a fresh look at the legend of the Children of Lir.

Author N.W. Moors plans to continue with more Tales of the Antrim Cycle to come.