Saturday, August 15, 2015

Powerful Tool for Better Writing


As a writer, do you ever agonize over a word choice? Does your proofreading turn up the same word over and over? Do you resist using an awkward thesaurus?

Jesse Gilbert understands your struggle and offers a high-speed alternative to an online thesaurus.  Brainstorm Pro allows you to search for up to ten words at once and often returns results in just a second.  Speed does not compromise quality, however, as Brainstorm Pro offers up to 20 times the word choices of a typical thesaurus.

If you sometimes work in languages other than English, this software is for you as well.  Spanish, Italian, and French have been tested and many more languages are supported, from Afrikaans to Zulu.  You can even "translate" among the various flavors of English--handy if you are a United States writer who sometimes writes for Canadian, Australian, or British clients.

Try out this software and see how your writing improves.  Teachers, copywriters, translators, and students can all benefit from an outstanding thesaurus with Brainstorm Pro.