Thursday, August 11, 2016

E.C. Jackson Offers Another "Hope" Novel

A Living Hope is the story of Sadie, a young woman who seems to have destroyed her life and burned all bridges to her past.  Finding the courage to return home, however, starts a series of events that remind her there is always hope for those who place their trust in Jesus.  The man she left, the man who abused her, and the friends and family she avoided all are affected by Sadie's choices--both the bad ones of the past and the good ones she has a chance to make.

E.C. Jackson weaves a story of imperfect people working through misunderstandings, secrets, traumas, and just plain stubbornness. In other words, her characters are like many of us!  She builds complex characters with believable struggles.  Happy endings don't come easily, but must be worked through with prayer, honest communication, and the willingness to step out in faith and do the right things.

This is a worthy successor to Jackson's earlier novel, A Gateway to Hope.