Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hurt at Church: The Bridezilla of Christ

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It is not uncommon for me to choose a book because the title is intriguing. That was certainly the case when I was offered a chance to review this title from Ted Kluck and Ronnie Martin.  Anyone who has been in church for more than a few years knows that the Bride of Christ sometimes behaves more like a reality TV show than the scriptural model. Cliques, church splits, contentious business meetings--we can all relate to this topic.

This book is not, however, a gripe session with gossippy details about bad churches. This is a dialogue about how we as individual Christians need to behave in a community of sinners like ourselves. Saved people still sin, yet we are charged to be the Church and to show Christ to the world.  Kluck and Martin offer real help with this real problem that has been around as long as the Church itself.

This book is not too long and includes some humor to keep things from getting too discouraging.  It would make a good study for anyone who is experiencing hurt from church people or church organizations. I especially appreciated the authors addressing the rise of individualism/consumerism in the modern church. Pride and preferences are causing many churches problems with relationships and with ministry--and it needs to stop!

I received a free review copy from Blogging for Books for my honest opinion.  I am impressed and will be placing a copy of The Bridezilla of Christ in my church's library.