Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Expand Your World: India

Learn about the Orphans of India

New from Word Films, Mother India is the story of runaways and abandoned children surviving in a train station.  Two men set out to document the situation and find themselves overwhelmed by the stories they hear.  Instead of just making a documentary, they enter into the lives of a group of orphans living as a family on the streets and help convince the older children to let the youngest two go to a Christian orphanage.

I watched this film with my daughters, ages 11 through 22.  They were as riveted as I was, concerned about how these children survived.  Parts are very difficult to watch, e.g. references to sexual abuse and drug use, but the film is supposed to educate us.  This was made with sensitivity and would be a good film for a missions program, Sunday School class, or family viewing.

I received a copy of this DVD free from the publisher for my review.

Follow up with an activity that supports orphans in some way.  Here is an excellent book for ideas:

Orphan Justice by Johnny Carr tells ways everyone can help, even those who can't adopt or foster.

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