Sunday, January 20, 2013

Medicines That Kill: The Truth About the Hidden Epidemic

Dr. James Marcum, an experienced cardiologist, has concluded from his experience and personal research that drugs are the number one killer in the United States.  Many deaths from various causes could possibly be traced back to a medication taken incorrectly, a side-effect of a drug, or a chain reaction in which drugs are taken to counteract a side-effect of another drug.

This is a practical book.  It made me more aware of just how powerful drugs and herbal supplements can be.  His accounts of elderly patients and the innocent mistakes they make (such as faithfully taking their diuretics as prescribed even when dehydrated from an acute illness) should make us all more vigilant as we look in on our parents or grandparents.  "Natural" medicine also gets scrutiny, since many things we consider safe and natural can be deadly if combined with certain prescriptions or taken in excess.

Dr. Marcum is not against modern medicine.  He does want us to respect their power, take them only as prescribed, and make every effort to identify the root causes of illness rather than using drugs to simply mask symptoms.  As a Christian, the doctor also mentions the power of loving relationships and trusting that the Creator has given us what we need to stay healthy in many cases: fresh vegetables, abundant water, and plan for regular rest and sleep.

This book should be read by anyone who ever takes prescription, over-the-counter, or herbal substances.  I received a free review copy from Tyndale House publishers.