Friday, February 1, 2013

The Conviction to Lead by Albert Mohler

Albert Mohler, youngest president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, presents his insights on successful leadership in this excellent book.  Short chapters each address one key topic, making it easy to find what you are looking for.

Mohler draws from the wisdom of past leaders, including the apostles, Luther, Augustine, and Thomas More.  He also addresses contemporary issues in chapters such as “The Digital Leader” and “The Leader and the Media.”  My favorite chapters, however, were eight and twelve.

In chapter eight, “Leaders are Teachers” Mohler introduced me to Augustine’s thoughts on teaching:  A teacher loves his pupils, loves his subject matter, and teaches because he loves Jesus.  It should be an encouragement to teachers to know that their love will really make a difference as they lead in the school, church, or office.

As a librarian, I must also praise chapter twelve, “Leaders are Readers.”  This title is not a cliché—it is the honest truth.  Mohler suggests a simple reading plan.  Make three lists: must read, should read, and want to read.  Be sure to choose a balanced reading program that includes books from all three lists.

This book is an easy read, is packed with useful information, and would make an excellent gift for anyone who leads.  Since nobody follows all the time, I can’t think of anyone who would not benefit from reading this. 

 I received a free review copy of A Conviction to Lead from the publisher, Bethany House.