Saturday, August 10, 2013

Book Review: God Distorted by John Bishop

This book explains how the image of our earthly father often interferes with our understanding of the heavenly Father.  The misunderstandings hamper our ability to truly enjoy an intimate relationship with our God and Father.  John begins with chapters about different "Daddy Types" and the problems they can cause.  He weaves his personal story into the text as well.

Fortunately, the book then goes on to show the real Father as he reveals Himself in Scripture.  This Father is in perfect control, is always there, and needs nothing from us.  He simply loves us, even before we understand or feel "worthy." 

A study guide is included for individuals or groups to use in their pursuit of truth that sets us free from the distortions in our minds.

I received a free review copy of God Distorted from Multnomah Publishers.