Thursday, August 22, 2013

Godonomics by Chad Hovind: a Book Review

Many voices today claim to have God's word about economics.  Chad Hovind actually looks at the text of God's Word to answer the important questions about how to wisely handle wealth. How do God's laws in Scripture handle private property, greed, and charity?  What would God say to Karl Marx?  What do we learn from the practices of the early Christian believers?  Chad Hovind tackles these questions and many others.

In a world where many Christians have been deceived into using the secular government to create "social justice," Chad calls us back to God's mandate for real justice--meaning laws are applied equally to all persons, rich or poor, male or female, whatever their creed or ethnicity.  Only real justice can lift the poor and restrain the greedy.

The discussion of first-, second- and third-party purchases should be required reading for all Americans.  I have never read such a simple, elegant explanation of what happens when people buy for the consumption of others or buy using other people's money.

This book is suitable for an adult Bible study, an economics class in a Christian high school, or individual enrichment reading.  I received a free e-book from Multnomah Books for my review.  I also purchased a hard copy for my church library and will recommend it to our pastoral staff.  Read more reviews here.