Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Book Review: Echoes of an Angel

Aquanetta Gordon is generous to share with us all this inspiring story of her son, Ben.  Ben was blind from the age of two, after his eyes had to be removed due to a rare cancer. His mother was determined that he would still have a good life, and Ben’s happy, optimistic disposition made this job easier.

Ben maintained amazing mobility through the use of echolocation.  He made clicking sounds and was able to detect obstacles in his path.  Ben also developed a great appreciation for music and a rich spiritual life. His brief life inspired many.

This is a story of struggle and victory through faith in Jesus Christ.  Ben has won his race and his story is an encouragement to others.  Likewise, his mother’s journey will touch the hearts of parents of all children. 

I received a free review copy of Echoes of an Angel from Tyndale.