Thursday, April 3, 2014

Extreme Results from Normal Homeschooling

Unlike many homeschooling books, this book is not preachy or judgmental toward those who make other choices.  The Hardings humbly present their personal experiences in case they might help others. Their kids typically start college work before they are teenagers and graduate from college while age peers are still in high school.  This is done without Stephen Hawking-like IQs or pushy parenting.  The kids just read every day, write every day, and do some math every day.  

This is an unvarnished story about a family that simply loves their children, loves learning, and serves God.  Learning does not require a classroom and a one-size-fits-all lesson plan.  While their results seem extreme, their methods are not--most of our ancestors who were educated simply read lots of books. Perhaps their results would seem less extreme if the majority was not already so invested in K-12 institutional education and prolonged adolescence instead of learning at a natural pace and finding one's calling early in life.  Might this "norm" be better than 13 years of relentless age peer "socialization" and young adults still trying to "find themselves" well into their twenties?

The Brainy Bunch will be available May 6.  I reviewed an advance electronic copy provided free by the publisher through NetGalley.