Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Book Review: Dear Son

A father who only got to spend a few months with his own son has since become a spiritual father to many sons.  Pastor Dave Bruskas ministers to men with no fathers to teach them how to be men of God. This beautiful book is written in the form of conversations Bruskas would have had with his own son, who died in infancy.

Bruskas addresses in each short chapter one role a man must learn to fulfill.  He covers the roles of a man as a Christian, son, brother, father, provider, and much more.  The chapter on providing for a future family is especially relevant for many young men today, and Bruskas addresses the issue with well-researched career advice as well as spiritual encouragement.

Get this resource for church library, men’s ministry, or personal growth.  Men need fathers, and the church needs to help with substitutes where needed.

I received a free review copy of Dear Son from Tyndale publishers.