Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fiction: Child of Mine by David and Beverly Lewis

A kidnapped baby, a grieving mother, a man raising his orphaned niece, and an Amish nanny under the ban (shunned) combine for a story that is both romance and mystery.  Suspicion abounds, as everyone has secrets and nobody know who can be trusted.

Where is Kelly Maines’s daughter?  Her husband died before revealing to whom he had sold her.  Who is the birth mother of Jack Livingston’s niece?  Will a lead in Chicago be the big break Kelly has been looking for?  And just what is the Amish nanny’s secret?

This is a page-turner as you try to discern who, if anyone, is telling the truth--or who even knows the truth.  Does God have a plan in all this mess?  Yes, but it is not obvious to anyone for a long time!

I received a free review copy of this novel from Bethany House publishers.