Thursday, September 18, 2014

Roar Blog Tour Stops Here in North Carolina!

As an older woman and a Libertarian (once a Reagan Republican) I was interested to hear and understand what a younger woman really thinks.  Hughes has given me hope that not all women of her generation are dressing in silly vagina costumes and plotting the socialist demise of America while aborting their helpless babies conceived in a one-night stand with a community organizer.  Get this book if only for the great chapter on gun control, or the great chapter on what women really want economically, although there is much more to like.

Scottie Nell Hughes is a journalist, trained in the (now lost) art of journalism.  One chapter of the book laments the loss of the distinction between news reporting and editorial content.  With the lines so blurred in both traditional and new media, objective truth is more elusive than ever.

Hughes has a chapter on being a parent in modern times.  As one who lived through the transition from the traditional upbringing (what I got from my family/school/community) to the safety/self-esteem/precious princess/non-competitive/organic world of modern “parenting,” it was nice to hear from a mother with a balanced view: who uses car seats, but doesn’t think we must be forced to keep kids in them until they are 18 years old and 200 pounds, for example.  She sums up the dangers of the post-Christian, postmodern society as follows:  “…there are more tools to help lead our children astray than there are ways for us to keep them on the straight path.”

Older women, read this to regain an ounce of hope for the future.  Young women, read this to know you are not alone in wanting to protect and defend your family and country from those who are tearing them down.

I received a free copy of Roar for my review from Worthy Publishing.