Monday, September 1, 2014

Writing Inspiration for Every Day

Robert Benson: "Most of the time, writing a book more closely resembles digging a ditch than participating in some transcendent creative experience." (page 8)

Robert Benson offers his own insights to fellow writers.  He has done copy writing, written books, and even spent a year pretending to write a book.  This is not a how-to book with ten handy tips to overcome writer's block, but an account of one writer's experiences.

I enjoyed the quotes at the beginning of each chapter, many from famous writers.  My favorite chapter concerned three hats.  What?!? Yes, Benson wisely tells us there is a time to wear the artist's hat, a time to put on work clothes and edit, and a time to be the business manager.  Wearing the wrong hat for the day's task can sidetrack a writing project.

If you sometimes feel nobody understands your life as a writer (or as one who want to be a writer) you need to sit down with this book.  You will feel like you met a new friends who "gets it."

I received a free review copy of  Dancing on the Head of a Pen from Waterbrook publishers.