Saturday, November 22, 2014

Philosophy and Fantasy for Tween Readers

Shieldwolf Dawning by Selena Nemorin was written as a fantasy novel for tweens.  Nemorin also created the story as a philosophical text.  As children follow the journey of Samarra and her brother Cassian, they encounter questions basic to all humans:
  •        How do I know what or whom to believe?
  •        How do I make wise choices?
  •        Can I know what is right or wrong?

Samarra learns she and her brother came from another planet and, when offered a one-way trip to that planet, accepts the offer for herself and her brother.  Some things on the new planet are better, some are worse.  Samarra is happier, but her brother is not.  When they get caught in a battle between two kinds of magic and two ways of believing, choices must be made.

This is a well written story whether or not one uses it to teach philosophy.  This is recommended for teachers or parents to read and discuss with tweens and young teens.  Nemorin wrote Shieldwolf Dawning as part of her work on her Master of Arts thesis and it was obviously written with attention to detail.