Monday, November 24, 2014

Self-Publishing Help from a Seasoned Publisher

Deborah S. Nelson teaches anyone how to publish a book with her own book: Publish Your Book Blueprint in 3 Days.  This book walks the user step by step through the publishing process on Createspace.  Part 1 explains in detail the digital publishing process.  Part 2 is a guided workbook in which you just fill in the blanks on pages from title and preface through the back matter (appendices, glossary, about the author, etc.)  She provides the skeleton and you add the flesh.

As one who has only published e-books, I found this book encouraging.  Having heard that formatting a print book is much more difficult,  I have been reluctant to consider hardback or paperback publishing.  If/when I do, however, I plan to refer to Nelson’s website and her wealth of resources, including courses on self-publishing.

I received a free review copy of Publish Your Book Blueprint in 3 Days in exchange for my honest review.