Monday, April 6, 2015

Apologetics and Science

Although this book is written by an actual rocket scientist, it is accessible to the reader without a Ph.D. Dr.  Leslie Wickman shares her love of science and the stars with her readers.  She also explains why she sees no incompatibility between her faith in God and her scientific investigation of the universe.

Having some engineering training myself, I also never had problems reconciling faith and science.  Like Wickman, I believe something called "truth" exists and we can learn it.  We also believe all truth is God's truth, so seeking the truth will never lead us away from God--only reveal more of God to us.

If you lack the confidence of people like Dr. Wickman and myself, read this book.  She lays out the arguments for the existence of God and for a beginning and a Creator in ways understandable without a seminary degree.  At the same time, the information is not simplistic/watered down.  Dr. Wickman is a naturally gifted teacher and leads you through the arguments with patience and skill.

I received a free digital review copy of God of the Big Bang from Worthy Publishing.