Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Intelligent Argument

Every time an atheist argues against God, he or she uses tools created by God to make the argument.  Thus Turek's title, Stealing from God.

Rather than try to prove the existence of God, Frank Turek addresses the question of which worldview best explains reality: theism or atheism.  As an engineer by training, I appreciate this approach.  Both sides must make their case when this question is posed.  Both theist and atheist must explain origins, physical laws of nature, logic, free will, the genetic code.....

Chapters include Causality, Reason, Information & Intentionality, Morality, Evil, and Science.  Each chapter illustrates how the atheist exhibits faith just as the theist does.  The difference is the theist acknowledges he is acting on faith while the atheist insists he is coldly logical (using laws and logic that only exist because of a transcendent "first cause.")

I recommend this book especially to youth teachers as preparation for seniors headed for college or career.  Parents can also use this at home for engaging dinner table discussions.  It is important to develop the mind.  Wisdom is crying out, offering itself to us; we should answer!

I received a free review copy of Stealing from God through the Tyndale Blog Network.