Monday, April 6, 2015

Mothers are a Tough Bunch

L.J. Charleston has provided a dictionary/encyclopedia for understanding the great variety of mothers that exist today.  I am a mother of 6 and grandmother of 3 who has worked with many types of mothers in dance, sports, church nursery, Sunday School, and home school groups.  Having dealt with parents as a teacher and as a peer, I can say this guide is spot on!  Are you part of The Mommy Mafia?

Meet ER Mom, Dictator Mom, Drop-Off Mom (the one the rest of us hate for defying rules of carpool decency) and Olympic Mom, along with many others.  This is a fun book to read, as you will find yourself attaching names and faces to each of these mothers.  I know I did.  My own name goes in front of a few of the titles, to be honest.

Enjoy a lighthearted look at mothering.  Perhaps even notice some areas where you have gone a bit overboard and need to back up.

Check out the official book website and take part of your busy days to read.