Monday, July 13, 2015

My +1 Journey Begins

I enjoyed reading Jon's simple formula for success: just do one more thing every day.  Seems simple enough, right?  Here are examples of the +1s I have done so far:

  • Add a photo to one of my splash pages.  A splash page is a quick-loading ad that gets attention and leads the reader to more detailed information. Many programs supply splash pages, but adding a photo lets people know they are being asked to do business with or read an article by a real person--not an emoticon or a kitten or a cartoon.
  • Send personalized tweets about the free +1 book as well as one of my own books.
  • Send an email offering to teach a class at a co-op. (BINGO!)
  • Clean out one more overstuffed idea file.
None of these things took more than a few minutes, but any one of them could set in motion something much bigger--a sale, a downline member, an idea for a great new story.....

The journey continues.  There is always one more thing you can do (Col. Hal Moore in We Were Soldiers...)