Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Greatest Generation: Driving Grandpa

John Redstand's Grandpa saved the world from Japanese imperialism.  Then in his old age he evaded scheming relatives trying to put him in a retirement community, saving an abandoned dog, and teaching a neighborhood kid not to break into his house.  Those are only a handful of the many adventures John has as he tries to keep up with his delightful, indomitable, stubborn, and altogether awesome Grandpa.

Driving Grandpa brought back so many memories of my own relatives.  The saved the world, then humbly returned to their frugal, hardworking lives after the War.  In a world where college kids are demanding "safe rooms" and being "offended" and "triggered all the time, it's so good to have some of the Greatest Generation around to keep things real!  I hope some of them live to be 200 so our great grandchildren's generation can learn from them and laugh with them.

Well done, John Redstand.  And well done, Grandpa!