Saturday, December 20, 2014

Great New Mystery Series: The Man from the Yard Trilogy

Dark of Night is a thriller that has an eclectic cast of characters.  One woman is tormented by a teenage prank that still haunts her and seems to be catching up to her.  Can she be saved by a brilliant Englishman who became an American sheriff in a small town?  Perhaps there is hope if he enlists his comrades: a Native American, some young men eager to make their mark, and a good old boy from a neighboring town, for starters. 

It would help greatly if they knew exactly what they were up against, but the murderer they seek is unlike anything they’ve ever encountered.  It will take logic, faith, and courage to figure out the truth--and to confront the murderer before he/she/it kills everybody!

I found this book refreshingly free of gratuitous sex and violence, while full of suspense and likeable characters.  The murders are gruesome, but not described in unnecessarily graphic detail.  The writing is well-paced and the story moves right along--a real page-turner.  I also appreciated the respectful treatment of faith in the story: skeptics, Native American spirituality, and Christian faith are all part of the story and none are ridiculed or maligned.  They are simply part of the journey made by the various characters.

I received a free review copy of Dark of Night by Marios Savva, and am happy to recommend it for adult and young adult readers who enjoy mysteries.