Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Magical Mathematics for Preteen Readers

Alex is an only child with parents who have demanding jobs and are seldom able to spend time with her.  Because her father’s engineering skills are in demand all over the world, Alex also moves often.  She is not the best at making friends, either.

When Alex goes to her first day of middle school she stands up to some bullies.  They throw her into a closet, where she hits her head and wakes up in another world.  Archimedes (yes, that Archimedes) greets her and shares that he, too, just appeared in this world many years back.  While Alex has never been fond of math, she learns that in this new world, math is “magical.” Archimedes takes her under his wing, convinced that math can eventually get Alex home again.  Alex meets some of Archimedes’ students and works with him, learning that he, like her father, uses math to help people.

Latin and math are presented in this novel as exciting tools rather than dull textbook topics.  I highly recommend this book for preteen readers.

I received a free review copy of Libellus de Numeros for my honest assessment.