Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Crumbles Chronicles: A Children's Book for Dog Lovers

Those of us who have adopted shelter pets love to hear stories of rescued animals.  Crumbles is a dog with some hang-ups and eccentricities.  His family loves him, though, and he loves his family.

The story uses Crumbles himself as the narrator, so we get to see things through his eyes.  Paper bags become a menace to his family and must be destroyed.  Crumbles will need some help, but he's fortunate to have some good neighbors like Napoleon, the dog next door.

Rescue dogs are not perfect, but they can still be great family companions.  Laura Scott Schaefer has done a good job of telling this engaging story as a short chapter book for children.

I received a free review copy of Battle of the Paper Bags for my honest review.