Sunday, December 28, 2014

Starr Chronicles Book 1: A Review

Jeffrey Day offers young readers (tweens and teens) a cast of appealing characters and a plot that has some interesting twists on the "gifted kids go to space" story.  Readers who enjoyed Ender's Game will want to check out this novel.  Children and teens alike love stories of smart young people overcoming obstacles--especially when they get the best of some evil adults.

Sonny Star is selected along with other highly gifted kids from around the world for a spot in the United Nations' special space academy.  Five teams of children around eleven years old are training for deep space flight.  One team, however, has been hand-picked for a suicide mission without their (or their parents') knowledge and consent.  Will the manipulative leaders at the U.N. and the academy get away with their unethical human experiment?  Sonny (the pilot) and his team will need all their skills to survive this adventure--and skill may not be enough...

I received a free copy of Sonny Starr Versus the Spacetime Conspiracy from the author in exchange for my honest review.  As a librarian, parent of six, and Purdue engineering graduate, I heartily recommend this interesting story for preteens through adults.