Monday, December 29, 2014

Help Kids Learn to Tie Knots

Nellie Knows How to Tie a Neck Scarf: A Children's Book Review

This beautifully illustrated book has an appealing character in Nellie, a girl who loves to dress in beautiful clothes.  After donning a dress, tights, and hat, she finishes each outfit with her favorite accessory: one of her lovely neck scarves.  Nellie has a fun story that helps her remember the steps for tying her favorite knot, too.

Not only does this book teach manual dexterity skills, it also includes natural-sounding sentences instead of stilted, controlled-vocabulary sentences.  The book sounds more like Beatrix Potter than a textbook, making it fun to read aloud while a child follows the rhyming directions.

Nellie would make a lovely gift, especially wrapped in a box full of colorful scarves for practice!

I received a free review copy of this book for my honest assessment and endorse it as a parent and a librarian.